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Customs Brokerage

Start a Career as a Licensed Customs Broker — Then Take it to the Next Level


Today’s Customs Brokerage Professionals have an ever-growing set of tools to master — and ever-changing rules & regulations to keep up with. Our Customs Brokerage training classes are designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a licensed Customs Broker, and to stay on top of your responsibilities. 


These courses incorporate the latest information regarding import/export laws and regulations so that you can be sure that your shipments meet current documentation requirements, that Customs duties, taxes, and fees are properly calculated and paid, and that goods are classified with the right tariff codes. Additionally, we have courses that teach you how to clear goods through customs, use the tariff coding system, apply for tariff reclassifications and duty refunds, advise your clients about import and export restrictions and insurance requirements, coordinate transportation and storage logistics, meet with Customs officials on your clients’ behalf, and much more. Finally, we offer Customs Broker license exam preparation courses that will help you take your exams with confidence!

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