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Intro to US Customs Brokerage: Part 6

CB6u – Intro to US Customs Brokerage Online Training, Part 6: Transaction Value; ABI Entry Processing


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US Customs Brokerage Part 6 is the sixth and last class in a six-part series of introductory courses for US Customs Brokers and should be taken after completion of Part 5.

Part 6 begins with methods of appraisement and valuation. We include case studies to provide experience with obtaining information from sample documents, determining NAFTA, GSP, FDA, Bioterrorism, MPF, HMF, entry type, importer of record, continuous vs. single entry bond, etc.* We also address enforcement measures, criminal sanctions that can result from violations and the ability the broker has to help thwart terrorism, smuggling and fraud.

Once you finish this course, a printable Certificate of Completion will be available for download. The course can be completed in 30.5 hours or less and earns NCBFAA-registered students 20 CCS continuing education credits.


*Please note: The case studies require the use of an ABI system with the capability to create an entry summary and single entry bond without transmission to CBP, and a customer invoice. All three documents must be printable. If your equipment does not meet our system requirements, there is an alternative method of testing available. Please e-mail tradesolutionsUS@dbschenker.com or 1 (844) 724-8743 once you have enrolled.

  • Entry Summary Overview; Valuation of Goods
  • Methods of Appraisement; Transaction Value – Additions
  • Methods of Appraisement; Transaction Value – Subtractions
  • Other Methods of Appraisement
  • Duty Computation and Worksheet Development
  • Additional Requirements for Entry Summary Transmittal
  • Payment of Duties and Fees
  • Processing Import Requirements Imposed by Other Government Agencies
  • ABI Entry Filing Procedure and Operational Sequence
  • Operational and Customs Requirements Post Entry
  • Post Entry Remedies for Error Correction and Entry Finalization
  • US Import Violations and Enforcement Measures
  • Air Case Study 1a; Document and Client Review, Entry Summary and Billing
  • Air Case Study 2a; Document and Client Review, Entry Summary and Billing
  • Ocean Case Study 3a; Document and Client Review, Entry Summary and Billing
  • Border Case Study 1a; Document and Client Review, Entry Summary and Billing
  • Click here to view a detailed class syllabus

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