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If your freight is damaged in transit, are you covered? Protect it with Cargo Insurance. And now with instant quoting, you can buy your policy online — get covered faster and for less!

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Despite advances in shipping technology, accidents still happen. Cargo Insurance from DB Schenker protects the full invoice value of your cargo, shipping costs, insurance costs, plus an additional 10%. It’s called CIF +10% insurance, and it’s the only kind of freight insurance we offer. Considering that your carrier or freight forwarder’s liability is limited to just a set dollar amount per pound, regardless of the actual value of the loss, can you afford to go without Cargo Insurance? 

Thanks to our unmatched buying power, we’re able negotiate competitive rates from top A+ insurance carriers — with fewer underwriting requirements than the competition. Whether you’re shipping by ocean, air or land, or a combination of these, we’ve got you covered. And now with online quoting, we’re able to get you the best rates quicker and easier than ever!


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Need a customized quote? Besides single cargo insurance policies, we offer Open Cover policies that are good for multiple shipments. We also offer Warehouse Insurance and Domestic Transportation Insurance at extremely competitive rates. Click here for more information, or see “Additional Types of Insurance” below.

Open Cargo Insurance (Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance) is an all-risk cargo policy for marine, air, and ground transportation. It’s the broadest form of shipping insurance. An open cargo policy automatically insures your company’s shipments on set terms, conditions and rates, without the need to contact your insurance brokers or transportation carriers each time your cargo is moved.

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Warehouse Insurance covers your goods during storage. An open cargo insurance policy can extend to goods stored during the normal course of transit. High-limit specific warehouse coverage may be added as well, which can include flood, windstorm or earthquake coverage, as required.


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Domestic Transportation Insurance will cover your international trade goods as they move within a single country. Domestic transit coverage can be added to cover all shipments within each individual country, whether by motor truck, rail, aircraft, barge or package service.


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DB Schenker Claims management professionals help you resolve claims rapidly. Our systematic approach assures timely filing, research, follow-up and claim resolution. We work hard to expedite your claim and keep you updated throughout the process.


Our third party Claims Adjustment and Recovery program helps you collect the most possible to recover as much of the goods and/or insurance reimbursements as possible.


DB Schenker has decades of experience in risk management. We’re ready to manage your claim, from before it happens, until after you’ve been reimbursed.

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