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Export compliance rules and regulations are extremely complex, especially when your supply chain involves multiple countries. Failure to comply with export regulations can result in delays, fines & penalties, and in some cases, even criminal charges. Our Export Compliance Consulting and Audits team will get you on track, with a solution that protects you from noncompliance risks, improves workflows, and reduces human errors — saving you time, money and hassle!

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Our Export Compliance consulting team will help you develop and implement an export compliance strategy that meets the latest regulations and takes into account your entire supply chain.  We’ll make sure you have in place the correct licenses, exemptions, classifications and documentation. If needed, we can also help you draft an appropriate Voluntary Self Disclosure. Our audit teams will also get you up-and-running with an effective ongoing compliance strategy and work with you to catch any problems before they become issues, helping you to avoid penalties, fines, or worse.


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We help US exporters stay in compliance with a whole range of governmental agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Industry and Security, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), to name a few. Export Compliance regulations are ever changing and increasing in complexity. When you export to multiple countries, that complexity only increases. Because DB Schenker has over 95,000 employees across 130 countries, we’re able to support your compliance management with local expertise, backed by global resources.


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All exported goods must be properly classified via the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), or using Schedule B numbers. Imprecise classification can have dire consequences. This can be a real challenge for organizations that don’t have an in-house classification professional. Our consultants can assist you in setting up the optimal strategy for consistent, accurate classifications. Our auditors can check your data to assure ongoing compliance. 


In some instances, what goes into your product can affect its classification. Potential secondary uses for your product can also result in unexpected restrictions. And failing to classify a product — or sub-product — for all potential uses can result in major consequences with one or more agencies.

DB Schenker Trade Solutions takes the complexity out of commodity classifications, helping you avoid hassle — and surprises!


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It’s no secret that Export Compliance generates a ton of paperwork. Our Export Compliance and Audit teams can manage your entire compliance program. Or, you can manage the parts you’re comfortable with and leave the rest to us — it’s up to you. We can also set you up with a whole suite of online tools that empower you to manage various export compliance components yourself. Here are some of the documentation services and tools we offer:


Licenses, Authorizations and Permits: Our experts can help you save time, cut delays, and enhance your bottom line, by making sure you have in place all the right licenses, authorizations, and permits required for export. We can also help you seek exemptions and exceptions, when possible, in order to avoid license fees.


Once you have the proper licenses in place, we can manage changes and renewals for you. Or we can get you set up with our online License Management System (LMS) to track and manage all your licenses in one place.


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Automated Export System (AES): AES is a US Census Bureau program that assists in electronic filing of export information, for use by Census. To save your staff’s valuable time and increase efficiencies, let DB Schenker professionals perform the tedious tasks of AES data entry on your behalf.


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Cargo Insurance

Thanks to our unmatched buying power, we’re able negotiate competitive rates from top A+ insurance carriers — with fewer underwriting requirements than the competition. Whether you’re shipping by ocean, air or land, or a combination of these, we’ve got you covered. And now with online quoting, we’re able to get you the best rates quicker and easier than ever!

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Claims Management

DB Schenker Claims management professionals help you resolve claims rapidly. Our systematic approach assures timely filing, research, follow-up and claim resolution. We work hard to expedite your claim and keep you updated throughout the process. Our third party Claims Adjustment and Recovery program helps you collect the most possible to recover as much of the goods and/or insurance reimbursements as possible. With decades of experience in risk management, we’re ready to manage your claim from before it happens, until after you’ve been reimbursed. We can even manage your entire Claims Program!

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Export Credit Insurance

Export Credit Insurance makes it possible for small- to-medium size businesses to extend credit to their international customers. Should a buyer in another country declare bankruptcy, or if political factors such as wars or currency inconvertibility make collecting payment impossible, Export Credit Insurance covers up to 95% of the loss.

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Dangerous Goods (DG) Compliance: Handling Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT requires the utmost care, not just with the cargo, but with your compliance. Regulations for multiple governmental agencies and international organizations must be followed, and fees and penalties for noncompliance are exceptionally strict. In addition, the Department of Transportation makes training mandatory for anyone who handles dangerous/hazardous goods, per rule 49 CFR 172.704. Furthermore, you’ll need DOT / IATA / IMO classification services, and possibly even a Hazmat Transportation Security Plan.


Our Dangerous Goods Consulting and Audit teams can help you form a cost-effective and safe Dangerous Goods strategy. From making sure your training is current, to compliance audits ahead of an unannounced visit from CBP, DOT, FAA or the Coast Guard, DB Schenker has you covered.

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Denied Party Screening/Vetting: The US government and other nations maintain lists of countries, organization, and persons that you will want to avoid contact with. Denied Party Screening (DPS) assures that you are meeting your responsibility for screening against those lists (including BIS, ITAR, OFAC and others) and assuring that you’re not violating US and international laws. Our online Denied Party Screening tool also keeps you apprised of ever-changing country embargoes and restrictions that can impact your supply chain. Avoid surprises!


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We cover a wide range of export topics. Increase your skills and knowledge with our online Export Compliance Training.


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More Export Compliance Products & Services


Cargo Insurance

If your freight is damaged in transit, are you covered? Protect it with Cargo Insurance! And now with Instant Online Quoting, get covered faster and for less.


Export Credit Insurance

Small & medium sized exporters can now extend credit to international customers without taking on unnecessary risk. Level the playing field!


Letter of Credit Document Processing

Sellers risk delays, costly bank fees, and even forfeiting payment by not fulfilling all the terms of an LC. Our experts handle the whole process for you.

Export Compliance Training

Whether you’re a seasoned export professional, or you’re just getting started, DB Schenker’s export training classes will benefit you. Our online courses cover a wide range of export topics, and also cater to specific supply chain roles. Add to your success, by increasing your skills and knowledge with DB Schenker’s compliance training.

Online Tools

DB Schenker’s online solutions make compliance easy. Reduce human error, avoid costly fees and increase your bottom line by using our export compliance tools. We provide precise solutions for documentation, required due diligence screenings, temporary imports, license requirements and more. 

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As a division of the world’s leading global logistics provider, DB Schenker Trade Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer single source comprehensive risk management & trade compliance solutions. We take the complexity — and risk — out of international shipping. Whether you’re an importer, an exporter, or both, we have the bonds, insurance, online tools, training, and consulting expertise needed to optimize your supply chain and keep your cargo moving. Our trade compliance experts provide unmatched support and guidance, reducing the burden on in-house resources and helping your business to thrive. Minimize your taxes, duties and fees, and maximize your profits: contact our dedicated team of professionals today!


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