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If you want to operate an FTZ, you’ll need an FTZ Bond. We help you get the best bond at the best price — and get the most out of it!

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are secured areas where merchandise can be placed without a formal US Customs entry. Duty payments are delayed until the merchandise is withdrawn from the FTZ, or not paid at all if the goods are exported. But to operate in an FTZ, you must be bonded.


DB Schenker Trade Solutions can help you obtain and file the right FTZ bond at the best price. We deal with A+ bond providers. Our unmatched buying power means we’ll get you the very best rates.


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Besides an FTZ bond, to operate in an FTZ you’ll need good integration and communication among multiple government agencies, customs brokers, carriers, and trading partners. That’s why we offer full-service FTZ Solutions consulting. Our experts can help you operate your FTZ — as well as your entire supply chain — at maximum end-to-end efficiency. We know how complex FTZs can be; our consultants are here to help you avoid the pitfalls, streamline your business processes and increase your profitability.


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DB Schenker’s complete FTZ solutions include:


  • A full assessment of your supply chain to determine the needs and feasibility of operating an FTZ
  • Assistance with FTZ application — avoid errors and get approved quicker
  • Customs Activation assistance and implementation
  • An FTZ Procedures Manual and other required documentation
  • Inventory Control System and Record-keeping System (ICRS) selection and implementation assistance
  • A wide variety of additional operational services based on your company’s individual needs

DB Schenker can also help you establish General Purpose Zone (GPZ) operational capabilities in one of our own facilities.


Once your FTZ is operating, our experts can help you:


  • Maximize your FTZ-related savings — we’ll help you identify import duties and fees along your supply chain that can be minimized or eliminated
  • Benefit from our good working relationships with officials in the field
  • Reduce FTZ compliance and management paperwork management to free up valuable internal company resources

Learn more about Import Compliance Consulting.

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Foreign Trade Zone

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