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Securing your Supply Chain is your first line of defense against losses that can threaten your bottom line, not to mention your reputation. We offer a combination of technology, expertise, and on-location presence that can help you mitigate the risks inherent to global freight forwarding. As the world’s leading global logistics provider, DB Schenker is uniquely qualified to help you integrate physical security solutions, real-time GPS smart monitoring, loss control, claims management, cargo surveys,  CTPAT certification, and more. Put our global network and experience securing supply chains to work for you!

We offer:

CTPAT Consultations and Certification: The US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is one of the US’s most successful voluntary programs, and has been widely recognized by governments around the globe. It has been building cooperative relationships between shippers, logistics providers, and governments to secure the supply chain for over a decade. CTPAT certification has become a selling point in many industries, and DB Schenker’s experts can examine your supply chain and provide CTPAT consulting solutions to get you where you need to be. Also, where CTPAT certification is required, we can implement a program to get your organization certified – and safe – in no time. Click here to request more information about CTPAT.

AEO Consultations and Certification: AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is the European Union’s counterpart to CTPAT. These mutually recognized programs cooperate for data EU-based operators involved in customs-related operations can apply for the AEO status. Click here to request more information about AEO.

TAPA Consultations & Certification: Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a global network of logistics, security, and insurance professionals dedicated to establishing safe and secure transport and storage protocols for its members. Although similar to the CTPAT compliance guidelines, TAPA also works for companies based outside of the US, and may be important if your company has a number of divisions in other countries. Our TAPA consultants can review your needs, and help you determine if you need TAPA certification, or how to pass that TAPA audit, if your organization has been certified. Align your company in the fight against cargo crime, with DB Schenker TAPA solutions. Click here to request more information about TAPA.

PIP Consultations & Certification: Partners in Protection, or PIP, was designed to facilitate the cooperation of government and business in enhancing border security, fighting organized crime and terrorism, and enhancing customs compliance issues. Our consultants can help you understand the needs and certification process, in order to move your goods more quickly through customs while enhancing your reputation. Click here to request more information about PIP.

The DB Schenkersmartbox family of solutions provide comprehensive data on freight consignments, in real time. A smart device, with GPS and additional sensors, clamps to your ocean freight container. This allows you to track your shipment’s location at all times, anywhere in the world.


With our premium solution, you can monitor:

  • The exact location in real time
  • Interior temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acceleration forces
  • Movement
  • Vibration
  • Angle of tilt
  • Exposure to light

In addition, this premium box can report any attempt to open the container. It also notifies you immediately if the container is moved outside of your predefined areas (geofencing). These innovative solutions work to prevent loss, and reduce your insurance premiums.


Originally intended for ocean freight, DB Schenkersmartbox has now become common in truck and rail transportation, as well as multimodal logistics operations. It is an invaluable tool in the wine, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, automotive industries and more.


Click here to request more information about DB Schenkersmartbox.

For the highest security shipments, DB Schenker will define the safest method to protect your cargo during transport. For additional peace of mind, additional levels of security escorts are available. 


Click here to request more information about Surveillance & Escorts.

Add an additional layer of control to your supply chain with DB Schenker’s physical security solutions. A security seal on the tailboard of the trailer tells the logistics experts along the way if your cargo has been tampered with. Specialized boxes and cargo containers offer a range of entry deterrent solutions. And security cameras can monitor the loading and unloading procedures in real time. DB Schenker delivers a clear advantage: secure visibility throughout your supply chain.


Click here to request more information about Physical Security Solutions.

DB Schenker Loss Control and Claims Management provides uniquely integrated risk minimization and claims solutions, preventing loss by offering proactive reviews. Further, we can review your loss patterns and implement solutions. Whether you require a load and discharge survey, for heavy lift or project cargo, packing inspections, loss control survey, warehouse risk assessment, or more, DB Schenker can provide you with the solution. In addition to our range of predefined solutions, we also offer tailored solutions including; location reviews, whole supply chain risk reviews and C-TPAT compliant reviews and consultancy services, to name a few.


Click here to request more information about Loss Control & Claims Management

Our proactive approach to loss prevention includes:

  • Load and discharge surveys for heavy lift or project cargo
  • Container inspections and packing inspections
  • Loss control, load, stow and secure surveys
  • Air cargo inspections
  • Recommendations for salvage and disposal services
  • Transportation document review
  • Warehouse risk assessments, and more

Both predefined and tailored solutions are available.

If there is a loss, we offer claims adjustment and recovery services as well as our third party claims management program. Secure your cargo assessment survey appointment using our timely online quote and scheduling tool.


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CTPAT requirements in the US continue to evolve, so the need for up-to-date supply chain security training is greater than ever.

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CTPAT requirements continue to change as threats are being assessed. Therefore, all involved in the import/export of goods need to keep up with current requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned export professional, or you’re just getting started, DB Schenker’s Supply Chain Security Training classes will benefit you. Our online courses cover a wide range of security topics, and also cater to specific supply chain security roles. Check out our classes!

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As a division of the world’s leading global logistics provider, DB Schenker Trade Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer single source comprehensive risk management & trade compliance solutions. We take the complexity — and risk — out of international shipping. Whether you’re an importer, an exporter, or both, we have the bonds, insurance, online tools, training, and consulting expertise needed to optimize your supply chain and keep your cargo moving. Our trade compliance experts provide unmatched support and guidance, reducing the burden on in-house resources and helping your business to thrive. Minimize your taxes, duties and fees, and maximize your profits: contact our dedicated team of professionals today!


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