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ATA Carnet fees separate, click here for pricing

Full service, or self service — whichever you choose, we’ve got you covered! We can do all your ATA Carnet paperwork for one low, flat fee. Or, register for our FREE Carnet Portal, where you can calculate, purchase and manage your Carnet online at your convenience.  

An ATA Carnet is a kind of “passport” for your merchandise. It allows you to temporarily move goods in and out of a country, duty and tax-free, speeding up customs clearance in the process. However, purchasing and managing Carnets can be complicated. We offer two options to make it easier to obtain and get the most out of the ATA Carnet program. 


ATA Carnet Processing Service

Let us handle the paperwork for you! For a single flat fee*, our full-service ATA Carnet Processing Service includes:

  • Help choosing the correct ATA Carnet amount
  • Assistance completing your General List Continuation Sheets
  • Assistance with Counterfoils/Vouchers
  • The option to purchase Lost Document coverage
  • Calculating the correct required Carnet Bond amount
  • Adding optional ATA Cargo Marine Insurance
  • Arranging for Carnet document shipping & handling (expedited shipping available) 

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ATA Carnet Online Portal

If you have the experience and in-house resources to choose your own Carnet options, we offer a free self-service ATA Carnet Portal that allows you to choose, purchase and manage your ATA carnets online. With our portal you can:   

  • Choose an ATA Carnet and purchase additional General List Continuation Sheets and Counterfoils/Vouchers as needed
  • Choose shipping & handling options, including rush shipping
  • Calculate required Bond costs and add ATA Cargo Marine Insurance
  • Generate a running total based on the options you choose
  • Manage multiple ATA Carnets 

Request ATA Carnet Online Portal Access

Whichever option you choose, obtaining a Carnet doesn’t have to be painful. DB Schenker Trade Solution’s team of experts is standing by to help you get the most out of this under-utilized program. With 140+ years of shipping and logistics experience, we’re uniquely qualified to help you. We make it easy. 


Questions about ATA Carnets and how to use them? Contact your DB Schenker eCarnet Service Team at 1-844-eCarnet (1-844-322-7638) or eCarnet@dbschenker.com.


*ATA Carnet fees, etc. additional, click here for a full ATA Carnet pricelist.

The ATA Carnet program has over 100 participating countries. An ATA (Admission Temporary Admission) Carnet, or simply “Carnet” allows you to temporarily move goods in and out of a country, duty and tax-free. Examples include product samples and/or booth materials sent abroad to a trade show, or photography equipment sent out for an international photo shoot. As long as you bring the items back to the original country in the same condition within 12 months, you won’t incur any duties or taxes. But in the event that the goods are left in the receiving country for more than 12 months, they become subject to import duties/taxes in that country.


These fees are paid by a Carnet Bond, which is required in order to have a Carnet. The Carnet Bond ensures that countries participating in the Carnet program are paid quickly, in agreement with the terms set by the US Council for International Business (USCIB), should a Carnet user incur duties or taxes. In turn, the bond must be reimbursed by the Carnet holder. 

An ATA Carnet does NOT take the place of other Government agency requirements, licenses and permits. US and foreign Government regulations specific to each respective country must be followed for both the export and import.


To start an application, you’ll need to know the full legal name of the holder (the company that will be named on the ATA Carnet), the Tax ID or FEIN number, the physical address (ATA Carnets cannot show a P.O. Box) and holder contact information.


An ATA Carnet can also be used in place of the US CBP form 4455 Certificate of Registration, which allows you to register your goods with the US CBP when traveling to non-ATA Carnet countries.

The DB Schenker Trade Solutions Advantage:


Admission Temporaire/ Temporary Admission
US Council for International Business

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