DB Schenker Trade Solutions

Online Compliance Tools

Online tools that save you time & make compliance hassle-free.


No matter how large or small your organization may be, trade compliance ties up precious in-house resources. A single oversight or mistake could result in shipping delays, costly fines, and in some cases, a loss of export privileges. There is an easier way. Our online tools and solutions simplify key aspects of trade compliance management and reduce human error. And because they’re web-based, there’s no software to download or maintain, and your information is available company-wide to those who need it, anywhere, 24/7. Spend less time worrying about compliance, more time growing your business!



Dangerous Goods Declaration

Our Dangerous Goods documentation system generates printable packaging materials as well as the paperwork — & paper trail —  to keep you in compliance with strict DG handling requirements.


Denied Party Screening

As supply chains increase in complexity, so does the risk of unwittingly doing business with someone on ever-changing criminal, terrorist, or embargoed country watchlists. But not with RPS.


License Management Systems

LMS simplifies multi-country license acquisition & renewals, freeing up precious in-house resources & reducing errors that could result in delays, fines or even a loss of export privileges. 


Export Compliance Manager

ECM is accessible anywhere, 24/7. It streamlines your compliance workflow, reduces delays & human errors, & saves you money. Export Compliance has never been this easy!


Online Certificate of Origin Preparation

Online Certificate of Origin preparation speeds up the CO application process & eliminates the need to visit your Chamber of Commerce in-person, saving you time, money & hassle.


ATA Carnet Processing & Management

ATA Carnets eliminate duties & speed up customs clearance. Our Carnet service does all the paperwork for you, for one low fee. Or, register for our free portal to purchase & manage your ATA Carnets yourself!


Letter of Credit Document Processing

Sellers risk delays, costly bank fees, and even forfeiting payment by not fulfilling all the terms of an LC. Our experts handle the whole process for you.