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Custodian Bonds

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Transport goods within the US without paying Customs Duties with an Activity Code 2 Bond.

Custodian Bonds, also known as Activity Code 2 Custodian of Bonded Merchandise Bonds, are required for operations which carry or hold merchandise not yet entered into the commerce of the United States, for export or entry at a later time or place. It provides a financial guarantee that the individual or company transporting the goods (the “Custodian”) will not enter the merchandise into the US without paying customs duties.

A Custodian might be a trucker, freight forwarder, warehouse operator, container examination station/operator, lighterman, cartman, or importer transporting its own merchandise, etc. For example, a motor carrier would need a Custodian Bond for transporting goods from one Customs secured warehouse to another. A Canadian importer receiving goods at a US port would need a bond to transport them to Canada without paying US customs duties. And an importer that moves merchandise from an FTZ to a bonded warehouse —— for later export, or because they want to delay entering the goods until they’re ready to pay duties — would also need an annual Custodian Bond on file with the CBP.

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DB Schenker is one of the largest Customs Bonds providers in North America and has over 140 years’ experience. We’ll make sure you get the best bond at the very best price. And cnce you’re bonded, we can help you obtain approval from CBP at the port level. Simply put, we make import compliance easy!

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