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DB Schenker Trade Solutions is here to help you set-up an import compliance program that will protect you from costly penalties. We make it easy to obtain and keep track of the licenses, bonds and insurance you need to run your import business effectively. We can also help you fully utilize programs like Duty Drawbacks and FTZs, in order to avoid, reduce or recover customs duties. Our experienced consultants reduce your paperwork and increase your bottom line.

We Offer:

Building a compliance program starts with an evaluation of the current compliance structuring, and of past transactions. Conducting an audit not only serves the purpose of identifying weaknesses in import compliance, but also identifies future strategic opportunities, that will result in a strengthened compliance program. The benefits of an effective compliance program include:

  • Developing a compliant trade strategy
  • The Advantages of DB Schenker’s expertise and network
  • Gaining insights into your firm’s past importations
  • Identifying potential opportunities and concerns
  • Recovering any overpayments of customs duties
  • Avoiding delays, fines, and penalties
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At DB Schenker, we’re focused on building your regulatory compliance program while also evaluating the opportunity for duty reductions. We have created a full menu of compliance capabilities that includes:

  • Refining your tariff classification database to improve your competitiveness and compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations
  • Enhancing your firm’s compliance profile (for faster releases of shipments, eligibility for enhanced options with customs, and a reduction in risk of penalties and fines)
  • HTS classification assistance
  • Free trade agreement eligibility analysis
  • Compliance assessment
  • Building a comprehensive customs compliance program
  • Line Review
  • C-TPAT certification and validation
  • CBP ACE portal training
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License Management System

Our easy to use License Management System (LMS) saves you valuable time and resources, by helping you manage your licensing information. LMS streamlines and simplifies the otherwise labor-intensive task of maintaining active records of expiration date licenses, license exhaustion, license terms, and more. And with reminder capabilities, reducing the risk of export violations and remaining compliant is now easier than ever.

Learn more about our License Management System.

Dangerous Goods Declaration App

The DB Schenker Hazardous Materials online app simplifies the creation of Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGD). We provide the tools you need to generate the required documentation and package diagrams for properly marking and labeling hazardous materials. The App can also be used for commodities that do not require a DGD.

Learn more about our DGD App.

Denied Party Screening

DB Schenker has an easy-to-use, effective tool that utilizes our extensive record keeping capabilities to help you properly vet partners. This tool allows you to perform required due diligence screenings of all parties and individuals along your transportation supply chain.

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Import Training


Importing goods into the US is becoming increasingly complicated, with constantly changing rules & regulations. Our import training courses will get you up-to-date, keep you in compliance, and teach you best practices that can save you time and expense. Whether you’re new to importing, or seeking specialized training and refresher courses, we’ve got you covered.


Learn the skills, regulations, and best practices for importing goods into the US as an import professional. Find out more about out Import Training classes.


Incoterms® 2020 Training


New training for Incoterms® 2020 is available! Incoterms® are the internationally recognized standard in business setting trade terms. They help traders avoid costly misunderstandings and identify which fees and potential liabilities that can impact the price of their goods.


As with all trade compliance, it is important that all involved in international trade garner a thorough understanding of the amended Incoterms® 2020 Rules. Take any of our new Incoterms®2020 Training courses and you’ll learn which changes have been made and how to apply the rules. We’re the experts!


Supply Chain Security Training


New supply chain security threats are continually being assessed, as the speed and volume of shipments increase. Therefore, C-TPAT regulations in the US are constantly being revised, for the safety of everyone in the community.  Since C-TPAT requirements continue to evolve, the need for up-to-date supply chain security training is ongoing.


Find out which Supply Chain Security Training you need.

The CBP’s Duty Drawback Program provides an opportunity to recover duties that were previously paid on goods that are exported. For many businesses, the decision to collect duty drawbacks can mean the difference between being profitable – or not. However, the duty drawback process can be confusing, prompting some businesses to avoid participation. Don’t leave money on the table! We can help you identify drawback opportunities and collect drawback duties from US Customs.

Whether you export merchandise that was not used after importation, or are engaged in an assembly or manufacturing process that includes imported components, you may be eligible to claim a refund on the duty that was originally paid. To participate, you’ll need a Duty Drawback Bond.

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Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) allow manufacturers, distributors, importers, and other entities, to defer, reduce, or even completely eliminate duties and fees on imported goods. If your company is facing high effective duty rates, experiencing slow inventory turns, re-exporting assembled and/or finished goods or service parts, or importing goods for distribution in the US, then FTZs may help you streamline your business and run more profitably.


Organizations across all industries are using FTZs to expand their operations outside of their home countries.  However, using FTZs presents new challenges that companies aren’t always prepared to manage. DB Schenker’s services assist you through operational capabilities in our facilities, or administrative services for operations in your facilities. We take the time and hassle out of the FTZ process.


Our FTZ services will help you:

  • Gain a competitive edge in applying for and implementing an FTZ program
  • Minimize or eliminate costly duties and fees associated with the standard import process
  • Leverage the relationships we’ve already formed with officials in the field
  • Optimize and implement FTZ-related savings
  • Free up your internal resources to focus on more important matters

Additional FTZ Services:

  • A feasibility assessment of the appropriate services and corresponding operational needs based on operational requirements.
  • Assistance with FTZ application
  • Assistance with Customs Activation and the corresponding implementation
  • An FTZ Procedures Manual and required documentation for activation
  • Assistance in selection and implementation of an inventory control system and record-keeping system (ICRS)
  • Operational services based on recommended resources

For more information about how DB Schenker can help you establish your own FTZ program,  contact us for a free consultation.


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Customs Border Patrol (CBP) recognizes that often times an importer’s transactions contain unknown elements at the time of importation. The CBP Reconciliation Entry Program allows importers to reconcile import data, such as value and classification, at a later date, when more accurate information is available. The reconciliation entry program may also be used for certain free trade agreements, allowing for a streamlined post-summary benefits claim, at a later time, when eligibility is ultimately determined. We can handle the whole process for you! Here are some of the benefits our reconciliation services offer:
  • Get the most out of your Continuous Customs Bond
  • Avoid incorrect filings — import now, file accurate information when you have it
  • Final valuations, HTS designations, FTA qualification, and more can be reconciled after clearing Customs
  • Get a refund of any overpaid duties
  • Take up to 21 months (12 for FTA entries) to file required information
  • We handle the paperwork!
For more information about how DB Schenker can help you utilize the Reconciliation Entry Program, contact us for a free consultation. Reconciliation Bond Riders Reconciliation Bond Riders are the key element of an effective reconciliation plan. Recon Riders protect importers from negligence. They also save valuable time, prevent delivery delays, and allow for multiple shipments to be received seamlessly through a port of entry. To acquire a Reconciliation Rider, you must first have a Continuous Customs Bond. DB Schenker Trade Solutions can help you acquire and maintain both the rider and the bond. Our professionals work quickly and accurately to represent you and guide you through Customs. Our import services make Customs compliance easy! Click here to learn more about Recon Bond Riders


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More Import Compliance Products & Services


Cargo Insurance

If your freight is damaged in transit, are you covered? Protect it with Cargo Insurance! And now with Instant Online Quoting, get covered faster and for less.


Continuous Customs Bonds

Customs Bonds are mandatory. A Continuous Customs Bond covers you all year, & we make it easy to get yours for less.


Reconciliation Bond Riders

Get more out of your Continuous Customs Bond! Recon Bond Riders make filing Customs entries easier, faster & more accurate.


Drawback Bonds

The drawback process can be confusing, but it’s worth the effort. Besides getting you bonded, we can help you identify drawback opportunities & manage claims.

Import Compliance Training

DB Schenker’s import training classes benefit new hires, as well as established import professionals. Our online courses cover a wide range of import topics, including Incoterms and security. Increase your skills and knowledge with DB Schenker’s compliance training.


With DB Schenker’s software solutions, compliance is easy. Our import software programs reduce human error, avoid costly fees and increase your bottom line. We provide precise solutions for documentation, required party screenings, classifications, license requirements and more. 

Why Choose DB Schenker Trade Solutions?

As a division of the world’s leading global logistics provider, DB Schenker Trade Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer single source comprehensive risk management & trade compliance solutions. We take the complexity — and risk — out of international shipping. Whether you’re an importer, an exporter, or both, we have the bonds, insurance, online tools, training, and consulting expertise needed to optimize your supply chain and keep your cargo moving. Our trade compliance experts provide unmatched support and guidance, reducing the burden on in-house resources and helping your business to thrive. Minimize your taxes, duties and fees, and maximize your profits: contact our dedicated team of professionals today!


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