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Letter of Credit Document Processing


Complying with Letter of Credit terms can be complicated — why risk delays, costly bank fees, and even forfeiting payment when we can handle everything for one low fee? We collect, standardize and submit all the paperwork, saving you time, hassle and expense! 

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Our flat fee Letter of Credit Document Processing service includes:

  • Letter of Credit (LC) assessment to determine needed documentation and deadlines
  • Collection of all documents requested in a letter of credit
  • Access to our secure web portal where you can submit required documents, review them, and track your LC processing in real time
  • Document standardization/reformatting, printing and preparation
  • Emailing / Facsimile of documents to foreign countries (per LC)
  • Communication with Buyer’s and Seller’s Banks, as needed
  • Scheduling delivery or couriers (no additional charge if customer’s courier/delivery service is used)
  • Live customer assistance 8:00am-9pm EST

Add-on Services available (additional cost):

  • Legalization
  • Notarization
  • Chamberization  Need a Certificate of Origin? Click here.
  • Courier/Delivery Services

How Exporters/Sellers benefit from using our service:

  • Eliminate guesswork — Our specialists will review your LC terms and tell you exactly what documentation you’ll need, & when  
  • Save time and expense
  • Get paid faster
  • Reduce errors and hassle
  • Upload docs to our convenient, secure web portal
  • Track your LC processing in real time
  • Expert Customer Service

Why spend precious in-house resources figuring out Letter of Credit requirements, and then managing all the paperwork, when we can handle the whole process for you for one low fee? We take the hassle out of LC document processing — click Proceed above to purchase or contact us to get started!


Have questions? Call us at 1-844-SCH ELC1 (1-844-724-3521) or email us at eLC@dbschenker.com and speak with a Letter of Credit Expert!

Letters of Credit (LCs) are binding contracts issued by a Buyer’s bank that specify terms between the Buyer (Importer) and Seller (Exporter). LCs protect both parties: the Buyer is protected from paying in advance for goods that were delayed – or not delivered at all. And the Seller is protected from non-payment, payment delays, and shipments rejected at port without cause.

Letters of Credit contain complex legal banking terms and strict document submission deadlines. 


Most Exporters or Freight Forwarders don’t have the training — or time — to decipher LC requirements, nor to manage the paperwork. Failure to abide by all the terms of an LC will cause your contract to become “discrepant”. Minor discrepancies can lead to delivery delays and additional bank fees (typically $100-$150 to both parties). Some discrepancies may even open loopholes that allows the Buyer to terminate your agreement, leaving you to find another buyer for goods already sitting in a foreign port. On the other hand, if you abide by the terms of the LC, the Buyer has to pay, no matter what.


With our Letter of Credit Document Processing service, we collect and submit all the documents required by your LC, for one low flat fee. We’ll review your LC and advise you what documents you need to produce when, in order to fulfill the terms of your agreement. You upload your documents to our secure web-based portal, such as commercial invoices, bills of lading or air bills, packing lists, Certificates of Origin, etc., and then we reformat/standardize them as needed. When all the documents are ready, we arrange to courier them to both the US-based bank and the foreign bank as needed, per the terms of the LC. We make the whole process easy!

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