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Export Compliance Manager

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Our online Export Compliance Manager software tool helps you generate export documentation & perform essential compliance activities across your entire organization. Export Compliance has never been this easy!

Export Compliance Manager (ECM) is an online tool that offers Exporters a whole host of compliance functionality anywhere, 24/7. This system is designed to streamline your compliance workflow, reducing human errors and delays along your supply chain, and therefore saving you money. What’s more, our system learns from each export transaction you create, making it easier and more efficient as you use it.


ECM helps you create export documents and then simultaneously distribute them to everyone who needs them. It builds a database as it goes, that pre-fills shipment templates based on your previous entries. ECM also determines which documents you need based on your shipment – Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices, Packing Lists and more – and builds them from saved templates. This saves time and ensures better document consistency company-wide. The dashboard shows you exactly where you are in the export compliance process, and automatic alerts keep you aware of items that need immediate attention.


DB Schenker has been in business for over 140 years. We know Export Compliance from top to bottom. Whatever your business needs — save time, money and hassle with ECM.


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ECM allows you to:

  • Secure international export compliance
  • Streamline export documentation creation
  • Centralize & standardize global trade documentation management

Benefits of ECM

  • Export Compliance and Documentation are combined into a single, easy-to-use solution
  • Quickly build export documentation by entering data on a single screen
  • Save templates, leverage your existing company data, and build a database of export classifications for future reference
  • Restricted Party Screening, Product Classification Verification (HTS, ECCN, and USML), License Determination Tool, Audit Capabilities and more are built-in
  • Globally accessible online workflow combines multiple export documentation processes without burdening IT resources

ECM features:

  • Export Documentation Preparation
  • Commodity Related Document Upload
  • License Requirements Verification
  • Product Classification Determination Tool
  • Export Classification Management
  • Restricted Party Screening
  • Real-time Compliance Status Monitoring
  • Compliance Status Alerts

Do I Need to Register for an Export Compliance Manager Account First?


Yes, a user account must be registered and approved by DB Schenker before you can successfully log in and begin using the Export Compliance Manager.


Does Export Compliance Manager Integrate with Other Shipping Solutions?


Yes, DB Schenker ECM has the ability to integrate with both the License Management System (LMS) and Restricted Party Screening (RPS). When you create a related shipment using the ECM tool, it will automatically deduct licenses from those available in the License Management System. Similarly, a user can use Denied Party Screening tools directly from within the Export Compliance Manager, including reviewing results. You must be licensed in each tool in order to use to see integration options.


Contact us to see if ECM can integrate with your in-house shipping solution.


How Can Export Compliance Manager Streamline My Export Document Process?


Now you can generate and distribute numerous export documents in a single step. Choose from a variety of forms, including Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices, Packing Lists and more. Our system helps to detect required documents based on your shipment information, and conveniently builds documentation from previously saved templates.

The DB Schenker Trade Solutions Advantage:

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