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Lithium Batteries Training

Supplementary training for those who ship, receive, handle or store lithium batteries by Ground, Air or Ocean.

Single Mode
(Air, Ocean or Ground)


2 Modes
(Save $149)


3 Modes
(Save $298)


You will be transferred to our training partner Hazmat University to complete your purchase.

This is supplemental training for shippers, freight forwarders, and emergency management practitioners that handle and transport lithium batteries. This includes equipment that contains or is packed with lithium batteries.

Students should already have had initial Dangerous Goods training for either IATA DGR – 60th Edition (if shipping by Air), IMDG Code – 2018 Edition Incorporating Amendment 39-18 (if shipping by Ocean/Vessel) Ground 49 CFR (if shipping by ground). If you have not had one of these courses, please click the appropriate link below to get the prerequisite training:

An electronic PDF copy of the Emergency Response Guide is included with this course. When finished, students will have a better understanding of current lithium battery shipping and handling regulations and receive a printable certificate of completion. For more details about what is included in this class, see “Summary of Course Topics” below.


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Online Dangerous Goods training provided by Hazmat University

We’ve partnered up with the top online Dangerous Goods training provider in the nation. Click here to learn more about Hazmat University offerings.

Our online training classes make learning easy and are designed by the best certified instructors in the business. We offer the following benefits:

  • Lower cost — Online training is cheaper than bringing an instructor on-site or sending employees to get trained.
  • Self-paced learning — Learn the regulations at your own speed. The ability to rewind, fast forward through and repeat a course for specific training material helps students learn and retain important information.
  • Instant enrollment — Start learning right away! There’s no need to wait for the instructor to arrive or the next class to start.
  • Relevant content — Our courses are constantly being updated to match current regulatory provisions, which are revised several times a year.
  • Certificate of training — Print out your Certificate of Training upon course completion to comply with record retention requirements.


At the end of this course, participants should be familiar with:

  • The different types, sizes and uses of lithium batteries, as well the need to properly pack, mark, label, and document shipments of such batteries
  • Definitions of components and measurements associated with Lithium Batteries
  • The Regulations which apply to the transport of Lithium Batteries
  • Specific information for each of the three modes of transportation:  Ground, Air and Vessel
  • Emergency Response Procedures associated with Lithium Batteries.

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