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Denied Party Screening

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Are bad actors hiding in your supply chain? Avoid them — and costly government penalties — with Denied Party Screening

Could you be unknowingly doing business with a potential criminal or terrorist, or with someone in an embargoed country? In today’s post 9/11 world, the US Department of Commerce’s list of “Parties of Concern” continues to grow. But with supply chains snaking across more and more countries, it’s harder than ever to know who you’re really doing business with. To avoid accidentally running afoul of strict Federal due diligence laws and policies, you need Denied Party Screening.


Denied Party Screening from DB Schenker Trade Solutions is a simple, effective and efficient online tool that simplifies screening for restricted or denied parties. It also screens for individual and country sanctions, ECCN Classification Determinations and much more (see below for a detailed list).


Our Denied Party Screening tool helps you reach the highest compliance standards across your entire supply chain. It’s affordable and easy to set-up. It’s also versatile and intuitive, seamlessly integrating into your everyday operations. And because RPS is cloud-based, it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.


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Instant Deployment – Once approved, we can have you up and running, with system user access 24/7.

Robust Search Capability – Through a number of proprietary methodologies, DB Schenker restricted party search engine delivers quality screening results you can rely on.


Advanced Search Options – Our available search options (such as exact, fuzzy and phonetic), give you the flexibility to modify your search in order to get the results you need.


Audit Ready – Accurate record-keeping and audit-ready capabilities means you can demonstrate due diligence quickly and with confidence.
Easy to Understand Results – Your results arrive back quickly – prioritized by relevant details so you can take appropriate action.


Perpetual Screening – Once a screening is entered, our program performs daily re-screening against any regulatory agency changes that might have taken place on any of the Government lists. Our system updates the changes to these lists each day. If a previous entry suddenly shows up on a list that did not previously show, an email is generated with all the details, for your review.


ECCN Classification Determination – Allows for easy determination of license requirements and exceptions. Also allows access to the search engine which assists and facilitates quick and easy classification within the Commerce Control List. Ensures your data is accessible and easily defensible in case of an audit.


Risk Country Notifications – Provides alerts on country sanctions or embargoes, alerting you of US government and international restrictions. It’s not only who you do business with, but which countries are involved. An individual or a company may not appear on a restricted parties list, but dealing with them may violate sanctions or embargoes.


Each time you screen with DB Schenker Restricted Party Screening, your results return risk country notifications. These alert you to any problems with countries named during the screening process. Risk countries can include; embargoed countries, sanctioned countries, OFAC restricted countries, foreign-produced direct product re-exports, transshipment country prohibitions and more.

What is “Denied Party Screening”?

Also known as Restricted Party Screening, Denied Party Screening is a process for screening parties, individuals, and countries involved in export transactions for the purpose of complying with the U.S. Government regulations. Denied Party Screening not only includes denied parties but also controlled products, embargoed or sanctioned countries.


What Does “Denied Party” Mean?

Individuals and entities that have been denied export privileges. Any dealings with a party on this list that would violate the terms of its denial order are prohibited.


Are There Tools Available to Help with Denied Party Screening?
Yes, our Denied Party Screening tool serves this purpose. The US Government also maintains lists that can be obtained online. 


Who is Responsible for Vetting Against US & International Government Lists?

Each and every participant in the global transportation supply chain is responsible to perform their own due diligence of screening entities and individuals involved in the transport of the commodities; from the sales, exporter, freight forwarder, broker, carrier, importer and everyone in between.


Who Should Be Screened?

Any company, person, and even financial institution involved in the transaction are required to be vetted. If named on any document (i.e. letter of credit, purchase order, invoice, work order, packing list, etc. – then screen).


When Should Screening Occur?

Screening is to occur throughout the transportation supply chain.

The DB Schenker Trade Solutions Advantage:

Denied Party Screening is Also Known as:

Restricted Party Screening


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